1969 Holmesvinget 11, 2730 Herlev - part 1

Eventually my mother had to use a wheelchair and even the 7 steps to the house i Rødovre became an obstacle. My father bought a new house still beeing build and asked the builders to finish it with 1 metre doors and no doorsteps at all.

The 122 x 244 plate was cut up into sections and put on brackets in each side of my room, connetced with a removalbe bridge in front of the window. later on a second bridge was added to make a complete circle.

Tracks were divided into sections and fed from rotating contacts selecting between different sources.

Some years later a schoolfriend gave me a Märklin BR 24 wich cooldn't run on 2-rail track. The locomotive was rebuild to 3-rail DC and a short stretch of track had a 3 rail added for testing. Some years later I build a Märklin layout together with 2 friends i Husum.

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